Kedge Coverage Terms & Conditions

I. Goods Covered & Interest: All shipments of lawful goods, freight and merchandise of every kind, properly packaged, except as excluded, for which the assured has an insurable interest;

II. Conveyances and Geographical Limits: Covered property is held covered when merchandise has left the property of the merchant until 14 days after estimated shipment arrival date of the merchandise at the insured, customer’s location/address.

III. Concealment or Misrepresentation: Any relevant coverage shall be voided if the Assured commits fraud or conceals or misrepresents any material fact or circumstance relating to this coverage/contract, before or after the loss.

IV. Exclusions: Fraud.

V. Perils Covered: Kedge will cover items lost, stolen and / or damaged.

VI. Notice of Claim: A Claim must be filed online-through the web-site or directly with a Kedge customer service representative within 14 days of the estimated delivery date to customer’s location/address.

VII. Right of Subrogation: Once a claim has been satisfied, Kedge has full rights of Subrogation

VIII. Kedge will, when necessary, inspect all and any records to ensure compliance.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding these terms & conditions, you may contact us using the information below.

Last Edited on 2018-11-04